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Working at Insilencio

Here at Insilencio, we’re always on the look-out for new talents. Do you feel the urge to turn companies into preferred employers? Do you belong in a house of ‘positivity is contagious’, ‘no guts, no glory’ en ‘we’re in this together’?  And are you extremely passionate about HR and marketing? If so, working at Insilencio might well be for you!

Employer marketing strategist

The best way to become a preferred employer is to get inspired by one of our strategists. They will draw up a long-term plan combining Employer Branding, Candidate Experience and Employee Experience. They will be a thorn in the side of the clients to help them achieve one goal: to become that top employer.


Right now, we have enough strategic talent in our team.

Jonas Heuts employer marketing consultant Insilencio

Content creator

You need real stories of real people to get candidates or employees to commit to you and our content creators awaken the employer brand ambassadors in any company. Sometimes by reporting themselves but more and more often by training and coaching the employees to become real storytellers. In both words and pictures.


Right now, we have enough creative types in our team.

Lise Daes content creator Insilencio

Employee caregiver

Everyone who works at Insilencio knows the meaning of hard labour. Intensive collaborations, struggling to meet deadlines… it’s all par for the course. Our employee care team provides the right tools and support, makes sure that the work environment runs smoothly and that there’s a HR policy which is committed to growth, recognition and self-management.


Right now, we have enough care bears in our team.


Team Employee Care Insilencio Margot Annick

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